Parenting takes dedication and hard work, but providing healthy, nutritious food doesn't have to be stressful.

Stop burning yourself out in the kitchen, we'll save you hours each week.

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A woman and little boy in the kitchen surrounded by lunch boxes

Hi there, I'm Kemi!

The founder & head lunch maker behind Korede's Meals. 


As a fellow working parent, I know how overwhelming it is to maintain a work-life balance, let alone provide healthy, nutritious meals for your kids (that they won't complain about later). 


That's why I've dedicated my business to providing healthy meals, simple recipe ideas, time-saving tools and cook-along classes for kids while donating a percentage of my proceeds right back into the community to create social impact.

It's no secret that raising kids takes a lot of time and energy.


Whether you're running a household, climbing the corporate ladder or starting your own business, you already have a lot on your plate, let alone being a parent.


In a world where fast food and unhealthy meals are the norm, it can be challenging to provide nutritious lunches for your child 24/7 with your never-ending list of to-dos.


As fellow parents, we know the guilt that resurfaces when you hit the drive-thru or rip open a box of Kraft Dinner in a pinch.


A more convenient, consistent way to provide well-balanced lunches for children simply didn't exist — until now.

Let us take the hard work off your plate with:

  • A ready-to-eat lunchbox subscription delivered directly to your doorstep each week so you can spend more time doing the things that matter, knowing your kids have a nutritious lunch waiting for them.

  • An online DIY Lunchbox Membership complete with recipe inspiration, step-by-step guides, lunchbox tips and helpful resources so you and your child can pack nourishing lunches together.

  • Cook-along classes teaching children ages 4-14 the basics of healthy eating so you can replicate the meals back at home and enjoy nutritious food together.

  • A Lunchbox Starter Kit filled with time-saving kitchen gadgets so your kids can help prepare their own food and make lunches fun again.

Korede's Meals equips busy parents with the resources to provide nutritious, delicious food for their children while giving back to the community.

Treasure trove of vegetables

Thank you for making such wonderful Meat pies! Not only are they perfect for little hands, my son can't get enough of them even when they are a hidden treasure trove of vegetables! My son never eats carrots or potatoes - unless they are in these Meat Pies

Laura .S. (Kid Age 11)

Say goodbye to early morning lunch-making & last-minute grocery shopping when you sign up for ready-to-eat lunchboxes every kid will enjoy.

The DIY Lunchbox Membership is your one-stop shop for meal inspiration, food tips, packing tricks & so much more.

Our Lunchbox Starter Kit with time-saving kitchen tools and lunchbox accessories help your kids prepare food and make lunches fun again.

We'll teach your child the basics of healthy eating and safe cooking practices in our Cook-along Classes. Open to children ages 4-14.

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