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2% of every purchase goes directly into the hands of those who need it

In 2016, our founder Kemi and her family moved to Canada from Nigeria and she experienced firsthand how frustrating it can be to start over, and having to decide between a meal and a need.


Kemi started a GoFundMe page to support families new to Canada, and with the help of her friends, was able to provide support for over 70 families in just three years. Each Christmas, surprise gift cards were mailed to individuals and families across Canada who needed support. 

“Hello, last year, my family was in a very bad place. My husband and I were both out of work and times were tough. Then someone nominated us and we received a gift card! Since then, I have changed jobs twice and will be starting a new job soon. We’re doing much better than we were a year ago and we would like to help another family in need. Thank you.” - New to Canada Family (Ontario)

"I got a gift card and a Christmas Card in the mail today. The gift card and the message written on the card is highly appreciated. Wishing everyone who made this happen, lots of joy and happiness. Thank You." - Single Mom (Calgary)

Community, health & kindness. 


2% of Korede's Meals proceeds go directly into the hands of low-income individuals and families in need. We believe no child should go hungry.


If you know someone who is struggling to pay rent, feed their family or make ends meet, please ask them to fill out this form to receive support.


A portion of every dollar spent at Korede's Meals will go to helping someone in a low moment. 


Help us bring this vision to life and spread kindness throughout our communities. Email us at give@KoredesMeals for more information on how you can partner with us to help. 

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