Ensuring your child gets nutritious, delicious food — one creatively packed lunchbox at a time.
"That was easy!"

There are four ways you can foster healthy eating habits in your child here at Korede's Meals:


The Lunchbox Subscription


No matter how busy your schedule is, your child's wellbeing will remain #1.


We've designed ready-to-eat bento-style lunchboxes that even the pickiest of kids will enjoy. Our healthy, tasty meals are well balanced and made from the heart, providing maximum nourishment with minimal stress.

Lunchbox Subscription Perks:

  • Done-for-you lunches so you can sleep in, squeeze in a morning workout or more spend time with your family in the evenings.

  • Delivered straight to your doorstep every Sunday so you don't have to make a mad dash for the grocery store after a busy weekend.

  • Customized weekly lunch schedules because we know life happens and not everyone goes to school on the same days.

  • Fun extras like notes, charts and more are spontaneously included so your child receives positive reinforcement and education on eating healthy foods.


DIY Lunchbox Membership


It can be exhausting to endlessly scroll Pinterest, trying to find healthy but appealing meals that your child will actually eat. 


That's why we created the DIY Lunchbox Membership, an online resource packed with inspiring recipes, helpful tips to get your kids involved, simple step-by-step meal guides and additional resources to help you pack fun and nutritious lunches.

DIY Lunchbox Membership Perks

  • An easy-to-access, members-only area so you can browse our resources and find exactly what you're looking for with ease.

  • New recipes, guides and tips added monthly so you can incorporate fun, tried and tested additions to your child's lunches regularly without wasting time on failed methods.

  • The opportunity to spend more time with your child trying new recipes so you can foster healthy eating habits starting at a young age.


Lunchbox notes and accessories


Whether your child is a picky eater or they're preparing the food themselves, there are kitchen tools to make the lunch-packing process more engaging and efficient. 


That's why we offer the Lunchbox Starter Kit, complete with time-saving tools so that you and your child can prep lunches in a fun, safe way.

Lunchbox Notes and Starter Kit Perks

  • 10 unique fruit and vegetable cutters so you can create fun shapes for your child's lunch without spending hours in the kitchen.

  • 1 set of Lego utensils that your child will be excited to use at lunchtime and connect to each other when they're finished (no more lost forks and knives).

  • 1 set of colourful, reusable silicone baking cups so you can reduce your waste and send your child off with a brightly coloured snack.

  • Prewritten lunch notes so you can connect with and support your child even while they're away at school.


Cook-along Classes


Many kids learn how to cook quick food like Kraft Dinner or grilled cheese sandwiches, but how many learn to make nutritious, well-balanced meals? 


That's why we offer child-centred cook-along classes teaching your child how to create healthy meals using nutrient-dense foods.

Cook-along Class Perks

  • Teaching children ages 4-14 the basics of nutrition so we can help foster healthy eating habits from a young age.

  • Providing step-by-step recipe instructions so your child can confidently replicate the meals at home.

  • Aiding the development of fine motor skills, concentration and creativity in your child through lessons taught in a licensed, commercial kitchen by a passionate teacher.